WinXP slow shut down - NVidia graphic card

If you have Windows XP and it shuts down slow, and you have NVidia graphic card, this can be problem. When computer starts, automatically starts "NVidia driver helper service", and it don't shut down properly.

1. Go to Control panel- Administrative tools- Services.

2. Right click on NVidia driver helper service, and chose "STOP".

3. On Startup type, chose - "MANUAL".

4. Apply- OK.

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At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Coffeemonster said...

Unbelievably simple solution: Do a Windows update (well, it worked for me).

I have Windows XP. After ages of no problems, suddenly my computer would take about 5-10 minutes to shut down, every time. Virus checker revealed nothing.

When I did a Windows update, the problem disappeared instantly.

For those who are unsure how to do this, click on: Programs/Windows Update; or just google 'Windows Update'.

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