few Internet Explorer 6 keyboard shortcuts

Activate a selected link. ENTER
Add "www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of the text typed in the Address bar. CTRL+ENTER
Add the current page to your favorites. CTRL+D
Change paper, headers and footers, orientation, and margins for this page. ALT+U
Close Print Preview. ALT+C
Close the current window. CTRL+W
Copy the selected items to the Clipboard. CTRL+C
Display a list of addresses you've typed. F4
Display a list of zoom percentages. ALT+Z
Display a shortcut menu for a link. SHIFT+F10
"Display Internet Explorer Help, or when in a dialog box, display context Help on an item. F1
Display the first page to be printed. ALT+HOME
Display the last page to be printed. ALT+END
"In the History or Favorites bars, open multiple folders. CTRL+click
Move selected item down in the Favorites list in the Organize Favorites dialog box. ALT+DOWN ARROW
Open the History bar. CTRL+H
Open the Organize Favorites dialog box. CTRL+B
Open the Search bar. CTRL+E

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