Change Internet Explorer logo

Internet Explorer logo
In the right top corner of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express you will see logo. When you're online logo is animated, and on offline it's static bitmap. This is the way you can change that logo to any pic you want.
First, make logo (bitmap image). You will need two images, 22 and 38 pixels for IExplorer and 2nd for Outlook Express.
Make first 22pixels image. Make it 22 pixels high and 5x22=110 pixels width. There you will make 5 22x22 pics like on film. When it's animated, those 5 images will show one after another, and on offline only first frame will be visible.
Same way, you will make 38x190 bitmap.
Than, open registry and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ Internet Explorer\Toolbar
Create 2 new strings, and name them "SmBrandBitmap" i "BrandBitmap". Values will be full paths to bitmap images you made.
Restart IExplorer and Outlook Express and you shall see new images in top-right corner.

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