Internet Explorer 6 Keyboard Shortcuts (part 1)

Activate a selected link. ENTER
Add "www." to the beginning and ".com" to the end of the text typed in the Address bar. CTRL+ENTER
Add the current page to your favorites. CTRL+D
Change paper, headers and footers, orientation, and margins for this page. ALT+U
Close Print Preview. ALT+C
Close the current window. CTRL+W
Copy the selected items to the Clipboard. CTRL+C
Display a shortcut menu for a link. SHIFT+F10
Display a list of addresses you've typed. F4
Display a list of zoom percentages. ALT+Z
"Display Internet Explorer Help, or when in a dialog box, display context Help on an item. F1
Display the first page to be printed. ALT+HOME
Display the last page to be printed. ALT+END
Display the next page to be printed. ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Display the previous page to be printed. ALT+LEFT ARROW
Find on this page. CTRL+F
Go to a new location. CTRL+O or CTRL+L
Go to the next page. ALT+RIGHT ARROW
Go to the previous page. ALT+LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE
Go to your Home page. ALT+HOME
"In the History or Favorites bars, open multiple folders. CTRL+click
Insert the contents of the Clipboard at the selected location. CTRL+V
Move back between frames. SHIFT+CTRL+TAB
"Move back through the items on a Web page, the Address bar, and the Links bar. SHIFT+TAB
Move back through the list of AutoComplete matches. DOWN ARROW
Move forward between frames. CTRL+TAB or F6
"Move forward through the items on a Web page, the Address bar, and the Links bar. TAB
Move forward through the list of AutoComplete matches. UP ARROW
Move selected item down in the Favorites list in the Organize Favorites dialog box. ALT+DOWN ARROW

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