Make your own shortcuts in MS Word

making shortcuts

Like all other software, MSWord have built-in keyboard shortcuts. Beyond those pre-defined shortcuts, you can define your own in Microsoft Word.

Open Tools > Customize and in new dialog click "Keyboard" . In new dialog click some category from "Categories" list. In "Commands" list chose some command. When you chose some command, in window bottom in "Description" field command description shows up. Chose command and click "Press new shortcut key" to activate. Then on keyboard click shortcut you want to add. If that keyboard combination already exist like some shortcut, you will be noticed, if it's free you will see "unassigned" notice. After that just click "Assign". 2 clicks on "Close".

If you made some mess, don't worry. In dialog "Customize Keyboard" you have "Reset All" to back shortcuts on default.

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