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Some of you have following problem with MS Word. Everytime you open some document in Word, on left side there are pages mini pics (pictograms). You manage to close that on View – Thumbnails, but next time when you open another document, thumbnails are there again. Default document in Microsoft Word is, so problem is probably there. So, try this:
- Open Word. You should see empty document on screen.
- Click on Menu – Thumbnails to close thumbnails part on left side.
- Click on Tools – Options. Word will show you Options dialog.
- Click on View card.
- Change Startup Task Pane status.
- Go to OK. Options dialog box should close.
- Holding Shift on keyboard, click on File menu and chose Save All.
- When Windows ask you to save empty document – click Cancel.
- When Windows ask you if you want to save template, click Yes.
- Do again 3-6 steps to setup Startup Task Pane box like you like.


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At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! It is the only solution to this annoying bug that actually worked.


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