Uninstalling software - safe way

You have some software installed on your computer and you don't use it anymore. So, you want to delete it. Don't ever use "right click - delete" on software. That way, Windows can pull some other file you need for some other program, and you'll get in trouble.
You have two ways to do that properly.
First, you can go to Start - Programs, find software you want to delete and look if "Uninstall" link is there. If there is, than click it and follow the instructions.

uninstal software

If there is not "uninstall", that you need 2nd way. Go to Start - Settings - Control panel - Add or remove programs. Find your program there and click on "Change/Remove".

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Defragment disk drives


Every time you work something on your computer, it write some info on local disk. Fragmented files are spread all around the hard disk and that slows down computer. So, you need to defragment every few weeks.

How to defragment?

Go to Start - Programs - Accessories - System tools - Disk defragmenter. On defragmenter, just click (and select) disk drive and click on Defragment. After you finish with one disk drive, do the same with another.

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