Conditional color formatting in Excel

Let's say you are making an Excel table where you shall input how many hours did you work for everyday. And you would like to make designation with colors. Red number for less than 8, blue for 8 and green color for more than 8. Did you know you can make that process automatic in MS Excel? Here's how.

condition formating in Excel

Open MSExcel. Make two column table (one for dates and second for hours). Select right column , go to Format and «Conditional formatting» after. Set Condition 1 to «Cell value is». In next drop-down menu set «less than» and in next write 8. Click Format. You'll get «Format cells» pop-up window. In Font card, pick color (red for this case). Go OK.
Now go to «Add». Format condition 2 now. Cell value is – Equal to – 8. Format – Font – Color – Blue.
And Add – Condition 3 - Cell value is – Greater than – 8. Format – Font – Color – Green – OK.

Color format

Now, when you type number in that column, it will become colored properly automatically.

You can also format cells color instead numbers if you like. Just, when you set conditions and go to Format, don’t change Font card but open Patterns card. On Cell shading – Pattern, pick color you like.
Through this actions, you will notice other similar methods to make different cell values in Excel.


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Speed up CD-ROM data transfer

DMA mode

Windows XP sets DMA mode on IDE channels wrong. Most of CD-ROM devices support this, but Windows XP puts them in PIO ( slower ). DMA wont speed device, but it will use less RAM memory, and that way data transfer from CD-ROM to computer will be faster.
Go to My Computer-Hardware-Device Manager.
Find "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers" and click «+» (plus) near it. Double click on «Primary IDE channel». Look at «Advance settings» and look at Device 1 settings. It's probably set up to PIO transfer mode. Set to «DMA if available».
Back to "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers". Do same for «Secondary IDE channels» now. If it's in PIO mode.
If this won't help, you can reinstall IDE channels that won't accept DMA mode. And that you can do in following way:
Right click on IDE channel, «uninstall» and OK.
Restart your computer and look if IDE channel excepted DMA mode.
IN some cases, you can get only MultiWord, but that's better than PIO mode, too.

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