Dont type http

While typing the website URL address in Internet Explorer of Mozilla Firefox url bar, there is no need to bother with typing the http://. All you need to do is start typing the WWW. Both Firefox and Explorer will add http:// in automatically when you start typing. For some websites you don't even type WWW, just what's after www. That other trick depends on website, although, so on some sites it won't work. But first tip for http will fork for all websites.

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How to email a group of contacts in Gmail

Another interesting and useful Gmail option is possibility to email a group of contacts . And that you can do on this way. Go to "Contacts". Than click on Group you would like to e-mail. On "Select" click "All". Or select just contacts you want to email. When contacts are selected, on right side just click "Email". Gmail will automatically redirect you to new message with field "To" filled. That's if you would like to everyone who receive this message see who else you mailed message. If you don't want that, copy addresses from "To" field to "Bcc" field and after that, leave just one address in "To". Than you can write Subject and message body and send it.

How to email a group of contacts  in Gmail


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Gmail - How to add contact in group

You need to add some email adress (contact) in your Gmail group (eg friends). And that contact is only in suggested contacts and you don't see Group menu on right side in Gmail. You need first add that suggested contact to My contacts or into Most contacted. Go to Suggested contacts, check particular check-box infront that e-mail adress and click Move to my contacts on right. Now, go to My contacts, check box by adress, click Groups menu right, and Add to group you want.

Gmail group contact

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How to merge rar files with Winrar

How to merge rar files with Winrar?

You have several rar files (file1.rar, file2.rar, file3.rar) you downloaded from internet and now you have to merge them into one file. First all that files must be in one folder. Do right click on file1.rar and go to Extract here. Chose folder what you like and extract. If you get pop up while extracting, like this:

rar password

that means you need password to merge files. Go to that page where you downloaded part rar files and you will see password there.

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