Uninstaling graphic card drivers

If you are changing graphic/video card, or have some problems with it, you have to uninstall old drivers in order to install new drivers.

Uninstaling ATI graphic/video card drivers (Windows XP):

- You have to prepare Driver Cleaner software. If you don't have it on your computer, you can download it from www.drivercleaner.net .
- Open Control panel, open «add/remove programs» and delete all ATI software (display drivers, control panel…) . When Windows ask you for restart, refuse it. Don't restart computer at that moment.
- Go to Device Manager and delete all „display adaptors“.
- Now restart computer and turn it on in safe mode (clicking F8 while computer tuning on).
- Start DriverCleaner software.
- Chose „select multiple cleaning filters“.
- For ATI Select
ATI MMC (if you have AIW card)
ATI REMOTE WONDER (if you have AIW card)
ATI WDM (if you have AIW card)
ATI HYDRAVISION (dont chose it if you don't have HYDRAVISION)
- For Nvidia select:
NVIDIA VDM (if you have VIVO card)
- Wait for Drive Cleaner to do what is needed and restart computer after.
- Monitor can blink few times, to change resolution, or make some other weird act. Wait while Windows normalize.
- If „found new hardware“message appears, just click «cancel».
- Go to Device Manager and find «DISPLAY ADAPTORS». There you'll see either „Standard VGA Controller“ (2 inputs if you have graphic card supporting 2 monitors), either Windows will recognize your card immediately. If it isn't neither one of two named options, than drivers won't be installed. In that case, click F5 to try force Windows recognize card. If that won't work, restart computer and than all should be all right.
- If you use any software for graphic card (like ATI tools for example), you'll see error „no direct 3d device found“. That's OK.
- Now you can install new graphic card drivers.

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Splitting files


In last post , I explained how to split archive into several archives, and later back them into one.
Sometimes you have to split file into several files without archiving. There are many different software products you can use for that propose. Those kind of software usually creates little BAT file, and when you like to put splitted files together, you just run that BUT file.
Gsplit is one of that software. You can download it from torry.net/apps/filedrv/utils/gsplits.exe . Program is easy to use, with nice graphics, very useful help. Gsplit creates one EXE file and several parts of original file. When you run that EXE file later and confirm option, in few moments, Gsplit will make original file again.

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Splitting Zip files

Splitting winzip file

When you want to send some file in attachment by mail, there are some limits. It's common case you have to split some file into 2 or more files. Or, you have zip file 850MB and you don't have DVD writer. So, you have to split that Zip file into 2 files, not bigger than 700MB.
If you like to split it in WinZip, you have to make that while archiving file. Select files you want in that archive, and maximum for each file you will get. At the and of process you'll get several archives. When you want to Unzip them, do unzip first archive. All archives have to be placed in same directory (folder).
WinRAR works the same way like WinZIP. Look for this option in «Split to volumes, bytes». Created files have RAR1, RAR2 and so on, extensions. All files have to be in same folder, just like in WinZIP. «Split Zip file» is option where you have to chose how big you want each archived file to be.
You can create splitted archives in Total Commander, too. And it can be used for reading and unpacking those kind of files.

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Task manager won't open

If you want open Task manager, just click combination: CTRL+ALT+Delete. Sometimes while you're trying do that, you can get following message: «taskmgr.exe – Unable to locate component. This application has failed to start because VDMDBG.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.»
Problem can be some spyware or trojan you have on computer and it opens many ports. To be shore if that's problem – try Active ports software. You can find it on http://www.protectme.com/freeware.html.
If you didn't find any malware software that way, then probably it's some system file mistake. Faster solution in that case is following. Start Command prompt (You can do that with Start – Run – cmd), and type: sfc/scan-now . Click ENTER. While doing that, Windows installation disk have to be in your Cd-rom. Procedure will take about 20-30 minutes. After scanning, restart your computer and try open Task manager again. It should open without problems.

task manager

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